Six seemingly ordinary people reveal chilling secrets of murderous and sexual acts. They appear to live normal lives, but their minds are haunted by a darker side of human nature. As they reveal their secrets, the question of whether any of us really know anyone, especially ourselves, raises an all too disturbing answer.
    Damaged is the Winner of Three International Film Festival Awards, including Best Feature Film.


    Special Digital Deluxe Edition of Award Winning DAMAGED
    Including HD Main Feature
    HD Main Feature with writer/director commentary
    Cast & Composer Interviews
    Original Soundtrack
    HD Official Trailer
    Exclusive Promotional Stills (including Official Poster)
    Special Deluxe Edition PDF Booklet.


    The Original Soundtrack to the feature film Damaged.
    Composer - Jessamie Kaitler
    This haunting and original musical score is a must for any film soundtrack fan.
    *Includes covers and composer notes

    Bonus - Damaged Official Trailer


Winner of Three International Film Festival Awards, including BEST FEATURE FILM, DAMAGED is a thrill ride into the minds of six very disturbed, but very human people. REVIEWS >>>> ‘Instead of a horror film, this is a psychological work – presented with great care and humanness, but not without the weight of disturbing themes… this is art that does not apologise for itself, does not gloss over realities to make them palatable, and affirms the significance of film as a medium not just for entertainment, but for the exploration of all aspects of human life.’ Atlas & Aeris, International Film Festival Review ‘Damaged exists in an unusual place in cinema in that it focuses on truth without glorifying it yet also without compromising it. Furniss has crafted a film that is, at times, difficult to watch not because of its violent imagery but because of its emotional and physical honesty that asks us, perhaps, to remember that it is often the most ordinary of people who do the most out of the ordinary things in life… Furniss lenses the film with an intimate observational quality that makes you feel like you are watching something you are also part of, an experience that is rather jarring yet also unforgettable… It's a bold and well-constructed cinematic journey that challenges unapologetically with an honesty and authenticity seldom experienced yet even more seldom forgotten.’ The Independent Critic ‘The effect is something approaching a Terrence Malick film crossed with David Cronenberg – Damaged is an unsettling, filthy, yet oddly poetic sensory experience…’ Nottingham Post ‘It is not a film that you will forget in a hurry, and it will leave your heart racing by the end.’ Watch This Space Film Magazine